Where is the macOS version?

The original author does not use an Apple machine, and while one could be used temporarily to build an initial version, it might become stale if not maintained. It would be greatly appreciated if someone wanted to step up and support macOS. The very few parts that are platform specific are properly segregated and should be easy enough to implement. Please see this issue for more details.

Why is this so buggy?

This is early alpha software and probably has a ton of bugs. This is also the original author’s first foray into modern C++, so surely there are mistakes there. They just have to be ironed out as time goes on.

Please report any issue.

How does Doogie track usage?

It doesn’t. There is no way for Doogie to know how popular it is, what features are used more than others, etc. Features and bugs will be prioritized by the author, not telemetry analytics (because they don’t exist).

How do I create an “incognito” or “private mode” bubble?

Simply create a bubble that has no cache. However, right now there is not a setting to prevent it from saving autocomplete (see this issue).

Where can I donate? How do you plan on monetizing?

There is no monetization attempt (yet?). If you want to donate, please consider donating to CEF which this project is based on.

Why did you choose C++ instead of a safer, more modern language?

Aside from Python, there are no mature Qt bindings and CEF bindings that would have worked well together. The original author chooses not to use Python (or any dynamic language) for a large desktop app.

Why do I have to sign a CLA before contributing?

Due to the nature of the project, all PRs must sign the CLA (digitally, prompted automatically upon first PR). This is required to keep the project under single ownership so it may pivot in the future. Right now the license (MIT) is really open. Users that don’t want to transfer ownership or just don’t want to sign the CLA for any other reason are encouraged to maintain their own fork.